Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Diary of Belief..

I believe that each creature on this earth has been given the same amount of strength, God cannot be baised with a specific set of species, He isn't that bad, we humanbeings aren't that good!
He gave a Tiger strength in his jaws, He gave a Rabbit strength in his little feet, He gave a Bird strength in her wings, He gave a Blind man strength to Feel, He gave a baby strength to learn.. and so on..
He gave Men physical strength and gave Women Emotional/Mental strength.. Give a man a wall to break, he will, give him a crying baby.. He will fail! Give a woman a jammed can to open, she will give up, give her a cheating husband, she won't give up..
What I believe is we all have the same amount strength, but it different forms it's just some utilize it, while some spend their lives complaining that they have nothing..

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