Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good or bad.. he is a part of all that he has met..

I literally grew up with this, and it's not something new to me. I have seen them fight with each other and For each other.. but it's the former that scares a kid I know. I talked about this quite many times to alot of people, although in all those numerous discussions I never disclosed the identity of 'those two' but yes I have talked about it. What I have concluded is that it's a very general phenomena and me worrying about it or getting scared because of it is something as silly as "worry about what might happen if a plane falls on my rooftop!", (well somebody actually did use this example, creative people you see!).
So the point is how wise or how foolish it is for a kid to be scared to get into any serious relationship because he/she is afraid of spoiling that relationship because one day even he/she will fight with that someone special because that kid is afraid that one day he will hurt that someone special with his harsh words or insensitive actions, because he is scared to face the reality that Every Couple Does Fight.. because he doesn't want to believe that even the most perfect of the perfect couples do have differences.. because even after so many years that kid can't digest the fact that even his idol couple fights.. and fights pretty often.
Stupid as it does sound but this is as real as you and me. The kid is afraid to get married (no he isn't committment phobic!), it's just that this kid has seen his Best Couple fight and argue about the menial things, about things that he thought doesn't even exist. This kid literally grew up idolising them and by the time he got little brain he realized the truth. He has seen the best relationships going sour, he has seen the cutest couple drifting apart, he has witnessed the agony, he has seen the hatred, it was all enough to leave him with a life long phobia.
The kid is now all grown up, loves to be loved, enjoys that someone special's company, like to imagine and fantisize about a perfect life, but he carries those dark secrets in his heart.. The only difference is now he doesn't cry infront of others and calls himself a Strong Guy.. afterall the kid is now a grownup but the truths and secrets still haunts him because his perfect couple still fights..

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Achcha lagta hai..

Uski yaado me khoye rehna achcha lagta hai,
Khud apni hi dhun me rehna ab achcha lagta hai,
Pehle dhoondte the humsafar iss raah e zindgi me, ab tanha hi chale jana achcha lagta hai,
Sitaare gardish me hai apne ab hi par subh o shaam uski khwahish karna achcha lagta hai,
Sau jhooto se bada jhoota hai ye dil par iss ke waadon pe yakeen karna achcha lagta hai,
Uski aankho se dekhe hai jo maine khwaab un khwaabo ko apna kehna achcha lagta hai,
Shiddat e gham aur lachaari hai beshumaar par apni hi mausqi me rehna achcha lagta hai,
Daanista-naadanista uski baato uske hi khayaalo me chaaro peher bitaana achcha lagta hai,
Waabasta hai wo mujhse aur mai usse har tarah ye soch ke achcha lagta hai,
Jo ki aagaaz yu hai to anjaam kya kahiye par din raat uski yaad me yun jalna achcha lagta hai,
Wo mere hai aur mera hi rahega iss baat ko aksar dohrate rehna achcha lagta hai..

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Wo kehti hai suno jaana..

Wo kehti hai suno jaana,
Mohabbat moum ka ghar hai,
Taapish-e-bud-gumani ki,
Kahin pighla na de is ko?

Main kehta hun,
Jis dil me zara bhi bad-gumani ho,
Wahan kuch aur ho to ho,
Mohabbat ho nhi sakti.

Wo kehti hai sada aise hi,
Kya tum mujh ko chahoge?
Ki main isme kamin bilkul,
Gawara kar nahin sakti.

Main kehta hun,
Mohabbat kya hai ye tumne sikhaya hai,
Mujhe tum se mohabbat ke siwa,
Kuch bhi nhi aata.

Wo kehti hai,
Judai se bahot dharta hai mera dil,
Ki khud ko tum se hat kar dekhna,
Mumkin nhi hai ab.

Main kehta hun,
Yahi khadse bahot mujhko mujh ko satate hain,
Magar sach me mohabbat mein,
Judai sath chalti hai.

Wo kehti hai,
Batao kya mere bina jee sakoge tum?
Meri baatein, meri yadein, meri aankhen,
Bhula doge?

Main kehta hun,
Kabhi aise baat par socha nahin maine,
Agar ek pal ko bhi soch lun to,
Saansen rukhne lagti hai.

Wo kehti hai tumhen mujhse,
Mohabbat is qadar kyun hai?
Ki main ek aam si ladki,
Tumhe kyun khaas lagti hun?

Main kehta hun,
Kabhi khud ko meri aankhon se tum dekho,
Meri deewangi kyon hai,
Ye khud hi jaan jaogi.

Wo kehti hai,
Mujhse waraftgi se dekhte kyun ho?
Ki main khud ko bahot hi keemti mehsoos karti hun.

Main kehta hun,
Mata-e-jaan bahot anmol hoti hai,
Tumhe jab dekhta hun,
Zindgi mehsos karta hun.

Wo kehti hai,
Mujhe alfaz ke jugnon nhi milte,
Ki tumhen bata sakon,
Ki dil main mere kitni mohabbat hai.

Main kehta hun,
Mohabbat to nigahon se jhalakti hai,
Tumhari khamoshi mujh se,
Tumhari baat karti hai.

Wo kehti hai,
Batao na kiss ko khone se dharte ho?
Batao kaun hai wo jise,
Ye mausam bulate hain?

Main kehta hun,
Yeh meri shayari hai aaina dil ka,
Zara dekho batao kya,
Tumhe isme najar aaya?

Wo kehti hai,
Bahot baatein banate ho,
Magar sach hai ye baatein,
Bahot hi shaad rakhti hai.

Main kehta hun,
Yeh sab baatein ye fasane ek bahana hain,
Ki pal kuch zindgani ki,
Tumhare sath kat jaye.

Phir us ke baad khamoshi ka,
Dilkash raqs hota hai,
Nigahen bolti hain aur,
Lub khamosh rehte hain…

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life for Rent..

italicEveryday I sit here and watch the day pass me by, everyday I let a piece of me die, Die comfortably, die silently.. No complains.. No hatred.. perhaps because I am too numb to feel anything anymore.. perhaps because there is so much else to cry for.. This is my life I am pretty sure, but I aint living it anymore.. I am just being an audience, watching The Players play their part.. I feel as if I have given it for rent, it's mine but I got no control over it..
I know not what I am waiting for, everytime I cross a day on my calender I ask myself sarcastically "How many more?", I know not.. Is something coming my way? (Not that lucky), is there a chance of being happy? (Not in my stars)
what is it then I am waiting for.. what is that I can't searching for.. This quest, this hunger is increasing by leaps and bounds.. everyday.. every minute.. every moment..

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A lump in my throat..

Suddenly I feel a lump in my throat, 
suddenly I feel no strength to carry on.. 
Suddenly the world around looks so pale, 
even the rays of the Sun seems to be wearing a veil..
Suddenly my heart seems to be sinking away, 
suddenly everything around looks so grey,
Suddenly I feel am choking,
suddenly I feel am no longer capable of even walking,
Suddenly I realize I am missing you..
Suddenly I miss that part of myself that I handed over to

Sunday, July 6, 2014

It was never the words but the silence that killed her..

Silence.. From the loving to the killing one..

Isn't strange how the same silence that appears to be comforting and calming becomes deafening and maddening.. The atmosphere is same.. people are same.. but it's the situation that changes everything.. it's about those unspoken words that neither of us utter, it's about those actions that neither of us did.. it's not about the silence, it's the millions of thoughts going inside our minds that matter..
I have been through this.. please not again.. not again.. don't let me be lost in this silence, don't let the silence spoil all the words that we had spoken go waste.. please save me before I lose myself in this silence, in this eternal void.. I took a lifetime to come out of it, please don't let me fall in it again..

It was never the words that killed her, it was the Silence that made her numb..

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Friday, July 4, 2014

A tale of two Idiots..

Welcome to the story of two Idiots .
He was a passionate traveler & a perfect planner,
While she was a dreamer & wanted to travel too but Other than that she had no clue,
Food, travel & fun was what that made them bond,
He knew he could trust her, while she knew when she was with her nothing could ever go wrong,
They were crazy, they were stupid,
They were a laughing riot,
long before they knew that they actually made each others day shine so bright,
People started talking and she grew tense,
She decided to part her ways even before their story could make any sense...
Days passed.. life moved on.. they didn't hear from each other for quite long,
But this time Life had adventure on it's mind!
one fine day when he found her, she was on cloud nine!
He scolded, chided and made her swear to cut short all the distances between them right from there,
She laughed, rejoiced and realized that it was not only hers but also destiny's choice,
Days passed and time got them closer,
One fine day he took her by surprise and swept her off her feet,
It was surely a day of make-belief,
For her it was no less than a fairy-tale,
And what others thought they never cared..
While they were busy mocking around in their foolishness,
The cupid laughed and decided to give a new name to their togetherness,
Those innocent laughs became adoring smiles,
They were somehow always together even being away by miles..
What started as a prank just for fun,
Who knew would make these two Idiots unite as One..
The rest is what we call History,
All we know is that those ignorant odiots decided to stay together till the moment that we call as -Eternity....

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good girl..?!!

I am not a show-piece, I am not a game,
I am a girl and I have a name,
I make mistakes and have full rights like You do,
I yearn to live a life without the list of 'what I shouldn't do',
You might be appalled but there's a heart under my bosom and a soul under my skin,
You might not realize but I do have feelings,
I wish to live a life without tge fears,
behind all the kohl and mascara there are dreams that I hold dear,
Don't always teach me to lower my voice,
Don't just give me options, sometimes ask for my choice,
I know my duties and I am ready to make sacrifices too,
But when I speak up for rights don't shun me with, 'thats not how good girls do."
So today let me free myself from the burden of being what everyone expects to ,
It's my life and let me what I wish to be..
Yes I am rebellious, Yes I am wayward, yes I want to keep 'Me' before 'You', Yes I am selfish when it comes to being happy..
I am just a girl and please don't try to mould me into a Good Girl 'cause I don't want to be..

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I am Not me anymore.. I am what I thought I was Not Am I a reflection of what He wanted to see.. Am I what She thought I would be.. Am I...