Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Selfie and I.

Love it or hate it but you just can't ignore it! So is the case with the much hyped Selfies, recently I came across a blog where the writer went on to describe how he totally hated and disliked this entire Selfie thing, by the end of the article I felt little confused and thought to myself why this hate against the Selfies? The selfies aren't something new or something recently Discovered, these are as old as Niel Armstrong's trip to the moon (how else do you think he would have clicked the pics up in there, well atleast I think those would have been all Selfies). Well I understand that the kids today (oh I have been of late talking like grandma!) Have taken the Selfies far-far away but believe me they are not that bad as they arr thought to be (well I know exceptions are always there, the horror to see little young girls posing in their bathrooms with a fake pout!!).
To me selfies are a lonely travellers companion, not everyday we get a complete stranger to click our pics and even if we get then those pics are not exactly how we wanted that pic to be. I remember when I asked a lady to click my pic while I stood infront of the Eiffel Tower, after she went away I looked at the camera to see the pic and I couldn't help but laugh, there was no Tower, it was just me standing in attention position trying to force a smile (I get nervous and uncomfortable when somebody take my picture!). For me it was that moment when A Selfie came to rescue and I turned on the front cam, stretched my arm, and guess what I didn't even Force a Smile, somehow It came naturally and CLICK.
Perhaps selfies aren't that bad a thing, as long as you dont end up becoming a narcissistic fella!!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kuch adhoore likhe khat..

Kuch adhoore likhe khat..

Wo ek khwaabo ka ghosla jo kisi na-samajh parinde ne lagaya tha haqiqat ki shaakhon pe,
Wo  ek hasraton ki patang jo reza-reza hogayi rasmo-rivaajo ke taaro me,
Wo kuch adhoore likhe khat jinke jawaabo ka ek muddat tak karta raha main intezaar,
Haan unhi sab be-sir-paer ki khwahisho ko mai zindagi kehta hu.. Haan main insaan hu par insaani baato se darta hu..

Main jeeta to hun par kabhi sach poocho to jeeta bhi nahi, haan mai khush to hun par yakeen maano ek zamane se dil khol ke hansa nahi, meri duniya hai, dost hai, azeez hai, sabhumsafar to hai mere par hum-mijaaz koi nahi..


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