Monday, May 26, 2014

Insanity? Passion? Madness? Call it anything but I am bent on doin' it!

When I decided to do study further inspite of my maddening office schedule the first question that came from everyone around me was, "Why?".. well as a matter of factly when I decided to go for it even I wasn't sure 'Why'.. but I guess it was this Why that made me go for it. Every inch of me is filled with a rebellious demon that does anything that everyone tells me is impossible/difficult/insane.
Right after the first day I knew the answer as to 'Why' I wanted it. It wasn't a degree, it hadn't to do anything with anybody around me. The soul reason was I wanted to break free, I know this reason in itself is insane! But believe me anything that involves even the slightest bit of travelling and going solo gives me an adreline rush. It's stupid, it's risky but believe me.. for me it Does matter to me. Anything.. absolutely anything.. be it travelling in a dirty, smelly UPSRTC Inter-city bus, be it compromising on the number of hours of sleep, be it taking off from office, be it going to a small alien town alone and hunting an address!! Be it anything.. the truth is, like always i Don't care what how people react to this decision of mine, I never cared. All I know is.. I am in awe of each moment. I love these wanderlust moments of my life. I didn't care when it was me in Paris, nor do I care when it's me in a small neglected town in the interiors of UP. All I know is.. I want to travel. Breakfree.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Of dreams and realities..

How often do you see some face in a dream and fall in love with it?! How often do you find yourself exactly in the situation where you always wanted to be (or wish to there right now) but all in A Dream.. A dream that yoy find by far better than reality and wished never ended.
Few days back I read a random article that caught my attention, it had 'amazing facts about dreaming', to my surprise out of so many only few were true for me! It claimed that one cannot reaf in a dream, I often find myself reading in dream and not only reading I sometimes remember the exact lines and the page number that I read! It also claimed that we only see familiar faces in dream and we cannot Make up faces in dream, well so often I see complete strangers and remember them soo clearly that after I wake up I get sad to realize that I might never actually meet or know that person cause that person was a mere fiction created by my mind..
Dreams have always played such an important role in my life that now I am in total awe of Dreams, they excite me, scare me, give me strength, make me weak..

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