Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Cute and Not so Cute thing!!

"I Fell for him because he was sooo cute!!"
A confession by a distant friend of Mine for his ex-flame (This cutiepie dumped her later, perhaps she couldn't match up with his 'Cuteness'!). After the condolence party of this heart-broken jilted lass I returned back home But her statement or rather Confession kept ringing in my head, 'I Fell for him because he was Cute', I kept pondering on this one, can somebody's Cuteness make you fall for that person?  I mean leave aside the serious debatable topics of 'Outward beauty And beauty from within blah blah, Its weekend, Lets keep it simple! Well, coming back to the not so cute thing about a guy being a cute! May be in case this Cute Human being is a Girl But in case of a guy?? I mean how can a girl fall for a guy Just because HE IS CUTE.. Cute?? And a Guy??? So far I have come across Only one male whom I would call Cute And yet very much a male, Errr, although I cant really Claim on his Manliness! But Atleast That's what everybody says! Curious about that CUTE MALE?! Well That's the Vodafone pug! He IS CUTE But calling a guy cute, the first picture that comes to my mind is of some sixteen years old lean school boy holding a teddy bear! (too dramatic? But that's actually what comes to my mind!)
You can fall for the manliness of a guy, that rough stubble, that rugged look, you can fall for that smell of strong cologne (Its a myth advertised by Axe-deos that girls like guys Who smell of chocolate, Guys We are in NO plan to Eat you, At-least in first few meetings And even after few meetings We Don't expect you to smell like chocolate, Lets keep food out of business!! ;-) )
There are things that differentiates the Men from the boys.. I know there will be girls Who would want a Cute Boyfriend, a Cute Husband, a Cute Errr Everything. But But But.. I beg to differ.. Please for heavens sake keep this Cuteness limited to the Vodafone puppy, I Don't want a man for his Cuteness, I would rather fall for a guy Who is rugged in his ways, I man to sweep me off my feet, being a wayward person I need somebody to tame this beast. A person Who would take charge, Who would offer me a chair And show his Cuteness through his acts And not His looks.
I remember how watching Arnold in movie Terminator sent a chill down my spine! (Am I now being too much On being Manly?!) Well.. I guess I took it too far! Well the fact of the matter is I would rather fall for a guy Who looks manly (Gosh those broad shoulders And that smell of the cologne And those pastel colours And that unkept look And that stubble and that.. Err control!) rather than fall for a guy Who smells like chocolate, wears bright colour chinos or pants, uses fair And handsome fairness cream to look Fair, And smiles like a school girl when called Cute!

Eternal pangs of separation

Eternal pangs of separation

So they decided to part their ways, not because there was any misunderstanding (there wasnt the slightest scope for this one) But because they loved each other way too much. He couldnt see her leaving her life behind to match up with him, she couldnt imagine him to settle for someone Whom she knew wouldnt be the Wisest choice for him (Atleast Thats what she kept telling herself), so they parted their ways.. But did they actually do that..? When they told their friends that were no more in 'a relationship' did they actually mean it or were they telling this to themselves.. He still wakes up in the morning in a hope to find her Good Morning message And her thoughts are the first to arrive, even before his first cup of coffee, which he liked not to hot.. She knew never forgot this.. she still imagines him walking with her in the rain And even now in the middle of the night when odd thoughts bother her, she automatically finds herself dialing his number.. 
 The feelings Havent changed, how can it change, they still had the Same heart.. But There was this weird sense of gloom that stuck on their faces, everytime I met them, ofcourse separately, I could see the subtle questions that they would ask, never direct though, But enough for me to understand that they wanted to know how the other person was. There was this Eternal Pang of Separation, which I initially thought would subside But I was wrong, it grew like cancer, killing both of them a bit each day..


I am Not me anymore.. I am what I thought I was Not Am I a reflection of what He wanted to see.. Am I what She thought I would be.. Am I...