Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some people..

Some people make your life beautiful just by staying in it, but some people make it beautiful by trying and trying again, trying to make you realize what you have been missing onto. They give their heart and soul to make you feel better about yourself when you thought you were on the verge of breaking down, they give you strength to put up through the day because you understand no matter how difficult the day might be, it will last just a day!
These people are like reading those quotes and novels, you know you won't miss out on anything if you don't read it but if you read those you understand what you have missing, you realize there is more to life than just breathing.
Thank you.. For coming in my life and making me realize what I have missing.. The missing piece of jigsaw puzzle of my life!Although I don't exactly know how long will this stay.. But I am too busy enjoying the present to worry about the future.
The worst part about travelling and loving somebody is that you know it won't stay forever but it never stops you from travelling or Loving.. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ten commandments!!! read on your own risk!

1. Thou art shalt love me but Don't you ever forget to tell.
2. Thou art shalt love fashion but if you wear 'Bright yellow' pants (those stupid ugly Chinos guys wear) and candy coloured shirts , I ain't meeting you- Ever.
3. Thou shalt not expect me to remember anything that happened some 3 years ago, If I say I don't remember it don't make me feel as if being a girl I Ought to remember it! I AIN'T GOOD WITH DATES, get it.
4. Thou ought to hear my long talks, my useless all night talks (remember you are not the only person up to talk, I am awake too), I might text you like maniacs at times and if you are busy then I'm ready to take a small "ok" but don't let me hang around without one, I might get mad. If I miss you 'll call you without a reason so don't start your conversation with 'What Happened", I might not have an answer. Well the basic fact is,  if you can't bear me for a couple of hours leave aside an entire life.. (don't I sound sticky here?!!)
5. Thou shalt answer me what is Exactly wrong when I ask it, if thou answers it as "Nothing" I expect you to be "OK", Don't later on expect me to be more sensitive on this one.
6. Yes I need my All-Girls and All-Friends time but I like it if you ask me what I am upto, Don't expect me to find it cool if you disappear in thin air just to give me space, If I need it, I'll show it, So don't uselessly use your lil brainy!
7. Thou shall NEVER EVER EVER call my Girlies b!tches, I can call them that all day but when You call it I Might take it as offence.
8. I am a girl, I take time in shopping, even window shopping, even when I don't want to buy Anything I'll drool over things displayed in mall, so better be prepared when you Agree to come to my shopping spree, I Will take time.
9. Yes I am a girl but I don't like pancake make-up and fake eyelashes (and fake don't know what!) and those high heels (Yes I do wear it but I hate it, my feet feel fractured for next 24 hours!), I love my flip flops, my flats, my Tshirt which is two size bigger than my size, my messed up hair, I can't look dolled up All the time, so learn to handle my sweatpants and ugly-pimple-look too!!
10. Last but nevertheless important, I suffer from erratic mood swings, your one line can make or spoil the day *sometimes. I try to hide it but I like when I catch you staring at me. I am unpredictable, I am uncontrolled, so once a while I like you to do the talking, I like you to take control, I want you to care and show it too.

Disclaimer- I was out of my mind when I wrote this so.. .. ..!!

I can't let this happen..

I get really mad when people close to me start behaving abnormally and when I ask they give that usual reply, which I know isn't even 0.001%, the fake, "I am ok" pisses me off bad. It has been two days since the person has been behaving absurdly, giving me one word replies, often decorated with small lies like 'It's nothing", "I am ok", etc. I decided to be the best stubborn kid on the block and insisted, and when I got to know the truth, I literally felt butterflies in my stomach and all hazy in my head. The person wasn't well, and this 'unwell' wasn't just unwell, but really what I call being in a terrible state. So I fought and shook the heaven above and believe me, I can see improvement in that person.
Isn't it weird how everyday we hear about so and so being unwell, so and so going through a bad phase but when it comes to all that happening to somebody close to us, we make sure that we do everything to ease the pain and even if it requires to raise a hell and bring that person back. I am reminded of an old adage which says, "when it happens to you 'It Happens', when it happens to me its a tragedy'.


I am Not me anymore.. I am what I thought I was Not Am I a reflection of what He wanted to see.. Am I what She thought I would be.. Am I...