Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fashion media?!

Alright so this is what occupied my mind today, while browsing so a social networking site, which a Believe should be renamed as Social Fashion site, I tell you some people literally ask you to click their pic because they want To Make it Their Profile Pic! So back to the point, while I was on my amateur best, playing the peeping tom and peeping into other people's life through the peep hole called FaceBook! 
I was amazed by the pain taken by some people in clicking the right pic, then editing it and posting it and then replying to each person who Liked the pic with a 'thank u sweety', 'thanks for liking',etc etc!! And after all this imagine the kind of disgust a person would feel if he or she gets Less number of Likes! A punch on the face, a blow to the ego!!
 Are we all living in the age of self-obsession, where we like playing different roles like-
 *A Sympathy gainer (How often me See broken heart status, I am sure that person would have Googled it up But never mind!), 
*A Fashion diva (usually teens or college people, it won't be hard to find one you just need to look at the display Picture and it would be something straight out of a fashion magazine and in the Comment box you will extravagant usage of slangs that are considered as Ultra Cool), 
*The next group is of Tell-it-All-people or confession-aholic  this race is also on a roll these days, they like to tell it All and tell everything! Literally everything, imagine the horror of reading a status update that read something like this, 'eating ice-cream with my lil Sis, OMG! I love choco chips so much'. Now i literally had to force myself from Not commenting on that one, wanted to ask her so much if it was The First time she ate a Choco Chip! Well of-course I didn't remember we all have a lovely pet called Ego and don't want it to be hurt? Didn't wanted to hurt this girls pet!! Let her enjoy the feast!
*The next group is a comparatively serious bunch, they don't keep updating you with small silly news But what they can't stop from doing is PDA, Public Display of Affection! This group is always romantic, Sometimes to the extent of being irritating, now who on the earth wants to See your Picture where cuddling, kissing, or sometimes on the verge of making out! Ok so we know you both are head over heels in love, we know that Its Good to show your love But please spare us with the small details and the pics, we are Just Not interested in pics where Its difficult to understand if Its you two or just one distorted face! This tribe likes to Paint the town Red, and paint it pretty boldly, but what makes it look stupid is how these people go on with their "Love you much Cutie" on social networking sites. and just after few days you see them updating their status as "So and So is Single" and Alas! One more chain of comments start pouring in and they move from this group to the Sympathy gainer group!!
 After spending some hilarious one or two hours I tried to get back to my normal life and started thinking if I belong to any of those? Ummm... Atleast I think No!! ;)

Monday, April 15, 2013

:-/ Feeling blue.. Feeling blue..

“Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don’t fool.” -Robert Brault

Ditto -Me

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Being a Daughter..

When I was young I was told that A Daughter is one of the most beautiful creation of Almighty.. But like many other tell tales of childhood this one also started to lose Its charm. Reasons, logics, and practice started to outweigh the belief. With each passing year This Daughter started to lose Its faith in the tell tale and began to question, wonder and most important began to See what was happening around her, with other Daughters.
It's actually a feeling I believe only a girl can feel, I might be wrong but this is what I think. It's altogether a painful feeling when you know the truth but can't do anything. 
Now picture this, right from the day you are born you are told that you are special, you are no less than others but as in due course of time you realize the Cost attached to this 'Special' person. You realize what a hefty price your parents pay, all the time..
A boy is extrovert- He is friendly. A girl is extrovert- she is dumb-head, or perhaps ill-cultured (Good girls speak less..!)
A boy marries late- He is ambitious. A girl marries late- She must be hiding an affair.
A boy is a good cook- Amazing, he has special talent. A girl is a good cook- What's the big deal, it's her Work.
A boy shows extra affection- He is adorable. A girl shows extra affection- She is Glue, A drama queen!
Well the list is pretty long, so lets cut it off here!
Of late there's something that has been bothering me and that is the commercial side of marriages, what a hefty price parents have to pay for giving birth to a girl, no wonder in olden times in India girls were killed right after their birth, better let her die once than a bit every day.

Monday, April 1, 2013


How weird this thing called heart is.. or perhaps Brain is (scientist broke all the lovers heart when they told emotions are something related to brain, not heart!) Well back to the point, how weird this heart (or brain!) is, you think you have walked past something and it has ended but.. .. Like one bolt of thunder something comes striking down and you find your self once again from where you have started!!


I am Not me anymore.. I am what I thought I was Not Am I a reflection of what He wanted to see.. Am I what She thought I would be.. Am I...