Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Cute and Not so Cute thing!!

"I Fell for him because he was sooo cute!!"
A confession by a distant friend of Mine for his ex-flame (This cutiepie dumped her later, perhaps she couldn't match up with his 'Cuteness'!). After the condolence party of this heart-broken jilted lass I returned back home But her statement or rather Confession kept ringing in my head, 'I Fell for him because he was Cute', I kept pondering on this one, can somebody's Cuteness make you fall for that person?  I mean leave aside the serious debatable topics of 'Outward beauty And beauty from within blah blah, Its weekend, Lets keep it simple! Well, coming back to the not so cute thing about a guy being a cute! May be in case this Cute Human being is a Girl But in case of a guy?? I mean how can a girl fall for a guy Just because HE IS CUTE.. Cute?? And a Guy??? So far I have come across Only one male whom I would call Cute And yet very much a male, Errr, although I cant really Claim on his Manliness! But Atleast That's what everybody says! Curious about that CUTE MALE?! Well That's the Vodafone pug! He IS CUTE But calling a guy cute, the first picture that comes to my mind is of some sixteen years old lean school boy holding a teddy bear! (too dramatic? But that's actually what comes to my mind!)
You can fall for the manliness of a guy, that rough stubble, that rugged look, you can fall for that smell of strong cologne (Its a myth advertised by Axe-deos that girls like guys Who smell of chocolate, Guys We are in NO plan to Eat you, At-least in first few meetings And even after few meetings We Don't expect you to smell like chocolate, Lets keep food out of business!! ;-) )
There are things that differentiates the Men from the boys.. I know there will be girls Who would want a Cute Boyfriend, a Cute Husband, a Cute Errr Everything. But But But.. I beg to differ.. Please for heavens sake keep this Cuteness limited to the Vodafone puppy, I Don't want a man for his Cuteness, I would rather fall for a guy Who is rugged in his ways, I man to sweep me off my feet, being a wayward person I need somebody to tame this beast. A person Who would take charge, Who would offer me a chair And show his Cuteness through his acts And not His looks.
I remember how watching Arnold in movie Terminator sent a chill down my spine! (Am I now being too much On being Manly?!) Well.. I guess I took it too far! Well the fact of the matter is I would rather fall for a guy Who looks manly (Gosh those broad shoulders And that smell of the cologne And those pastel colours And that unkept look And that stubble and that.. Err control!) rather than fall for a guy Who smells like chocolate, wears bright colour chinos or pants, uses fair And handsome fairness cream to look Fair, And smiles like a school girl when called Cute!

Eternal pangs of separation

Eternal pangs of separation

So they decided to part their ways, not because there was any misunderstanding (there wasnt the slightest scope for this one) But because they loved each other way too much. He couldnt see her leaving her life behind to match up with him, she couldnt imagine him to settle for someone Whom she knew wouldnt be the Wisest choice for him (Atleast Thats what she kept telling herself), so they parted their ways.. But did they actually do that..? When they told their friends that were no more in 'a relationship' did they actually mean it or were they telling this to themselves.. He still wakes up in the morning in a hope to find her Good Morning message And her thoughts are the first to arrive, even before his first cup of coffee, which he liked not to hot.. She knew never forgot this.. she still imagines him walking with her in the rain And even now in the middle of the night when odd thoughts bother her, she automatically finds herself dialing his number.. 
 The feelings Havent changed, how can it change, they still had the Same heart.. But There was this weird sense of gloom that stuck on their faces, everytime I met them, ofcourse separately, I could see the subtle questions that they would ask, never direct though, But enough for me to understand that they wanted to know how the other person was. There was this Eternal Pang of Separation, which I initially thought would subside But I was wrong, it grew like cancer, killing both of them a bit each day..

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some people..

Some people make your life beautiful just by staying in it, but some people make it beautiful by trying and trying again, trying to make you realize what you have been missing onto. They give their heart and soul to make you feel better about yourself when you thought you were on the verge of breaking down, they give you strength to put up through the day because you understand no matter how difficult the day might be, it will last just a day!
These people are like reading those quotes and novels, you know you won't miss out on anything if you don't read it but if you read those you understand what you have missing, you realize there is more to life than just breathing.
Thank you.. For coming in my life and making me realize what I have missing.. The missing piece of jigsaw puzzle of my life!Although I don't exactly know how long will this stay.. But I am too busy enjoying the present to worry about the future.
The worst part about travelling and loving somebody is that you know it won't stay forever but it never stops you from travelling or Loving.. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ten commandments!!! read on your own risk!

1. Thou art shalt love me but Don't you ever forget to tell.
2. Thou art shalt love fashion but if you wear 'Bright yellow' pants (those stupid ugly Chinos guys wear) and candy coloured shirts , I ain't meeting you- Ever.
3. Thou shalt not expect me to remember anything that happened some 3 years ago, If I say I don't remember it don't make me feel as if being a girl I Ought to remember it! I AIN'T GOOD WITH DATES, get it.
4. Thou ought to hear my long talks, my useless all night talks (remember you are not the only person up to talk, I am awake too), I might text you like maniacs at times and if you are busy then I'm ready to take a small "ok" but don't let me hang around without one, I might get mad. If I miss you 'll call you without a reason so don't start your conversation with 'What Happened", I might not have an answer. Well the basic fact is,  if you can't bear me for a couple of hours leave aside an entire life.. (don't I sound sticky here?!!)
5. Thou shalt answer me what is Exactly wrong when I ask it, if thou answers it as "Nothing" I expect you to be "OK", Don't later on expect me to be more sensitive on this one.
6. Yes I need my All-Girls and All-Friends time but I like it if you ask me what I am upto, Don't expect me to find it cool if you disappear in thin air just to give me space, If I need it, I'll show it, So don't uselessly use your lil brainy!
7. Thou shall NEVER EVER EVER call my Girlies b!tches, I can call them that all day but when You call it I Might take it as offence.
8. I am a girl, I take time in shopping, even window shopping, even when I don't want to buy Anything I'll drool over things displayed in mall, so better be prepared when you Agree to come to my shopping spree, I Will take time.
9. Yes I am a girl but I don't like pancake make-up and fake eyelashes (and fake don't know what!) and those high heels (Yes I do wear it but I hate it, my feet feel fractured for next 24 hours!), I love my flip flops, my flats, my Tshirt which is two size bigger than my size, my messed up hair, I can't look dolled up All the time, so learn to handle my sweatpants and ugly-pimple-look too!!
10. Last but nevertheless important, I suffer from erratic mood swings, your one line can make or spoil the day *sometimes. I try to hide it but I like when I catch you staring at me. I am unpredictable, I am uncontrolled, so once a while I like you to do the talking, I like you to take control, I want you to care and show it too.

Disclaimer- I was out of my mind when I wrote this so.. .. ..!!

I can't let this happen..

I get really mad when people close to me start behaving abnormally and when I ask they give that usual reply, which I know isn't even 0.001%, the fake, "I am ok" pisses me off bad. It has been two days since the person has been behaving absurdly, giving me one word replies, often decorated with small lies like 'It's nothing", "I am ok", etc. I decided to be the best stubborn kid on the block and insisted, and when I got to know the truth, I literally felt butterflies in my stomach and all hazy in my head. The person wasn't well, and this 'unwell' wasn't just unwell, but really what I call being in a terrible state. So I fought and shook the heaven above and believe me, I can see improvement in that person.
Isn't it weird how everyday we hear about so and so being unwell, so and so going through a bad phase but when it comes to all that happening to somebody close to us, we make sure that we do everything to ease the pain and even if it requires to raise a hell and bring that person back. I am reminded of an old adage which says, "when it happens to you 'It Happens', when it happens to me its a tragedy'.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Its really insane, its actually insane!! Its insane because I have so many things going on my mind and don't know where to start from! It's almost like standing in a mall with attractive shops around and not being able to decide which one to go in first. You fear that if you choose one you might miss out on others, at the same time you realize that you are wasting your time by just standing there..

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All you will never know.. .. 'Cause I'll Never tell!

Yes I cry alone at night but in the morning I am a cruel bitch who wouldn't give a sh*t, I feel nervous when I talk but you wouldn't be able to guess it in next light year 'cause I wouldn't let it show! Yes, sometimes I want to push everybody away and live all alone, you'll never be able to guess it anyway because I wouldn't show, I wouldn't tell.. Yes I miss that someone who didn't care (atleast I think so..) Yes I need to be taken care of and need to feel loved too, you'll never know, nor will I tell. I like to be called 'Little Miss sunshine', 'Miss All Smiles' because it tells me that I have been so good at hiding the pain inside me. Yes, I fight and tell you that I don't care, not because I don't but because I want to see if you would believe. Yes I paint a black picture of myself infront of people because its so easy to get attracted to a 'Goody' person. You might think you know me all, but let me remind you, "You might try and even think you've won but you can Never catch the wind.."

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

'In sooth I know not..'

There are some moments when you feel low, and there are some moments when you feel so low that you get pretty confused because you don't actually know the real cause.. You didn't fight, you didn't have a bad day at work, nobody said anything to you, neither did you do the same.. But still.. you feel as if your heart is filled with enormous unknown gloom and that is the moment when I remember the famous line by Shakespeare in Merchant of Venice, 'In Sooth I know not Why I am so sad, it wearies me, you say it wearies you, but wherefrom I came by it I am to learn.'

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Who needs an Extra Tooth?!

So the drama started with a slight pain in my lower jaw, being at my ignorants best I ignored the nature's warning and went to work. So this time Mother Nature decided to give me little serious warning, so along with pain hence came fever and some more pain!! No sooner was I home than I realized that it was altogether a bad idea to stay at home and so rushed to the dentist.
Now Act 1 scene 2 began with the waiting at the dentist's. All around me I had small kids accompanied with their mums who would occasionally smile looking at me sympathetically. The kids on the other hand I believed looked at me and probably wondering, "See Momma, even the grown ups don't know how to brush their teeth!"
After A long wait I literally got tired of explaining everyone that, "No no, I don't have cavities, Its the Wisdom tooth that's bothering." (Yes I lied to them, I DO have cavities!) Finally it was my number, and there the doctor was, in full mood to make me feel like a 2 year old! Asking me questions that made me blushed, "How many times do you brush in a day?", "How do you brush?", "What toothpaste do you use?", and so on. I wanted to punch him hard in the face and tell him to stop making me feel so small and for heaven's sake treat me like a mature, decent, young 22 years old lady, who very well knew HOW TO BRUSH HER TEETH! After making me feel terribly small and giving me literally a bag full of medicine the doctor told me that all the pain and the fever was due to the 'Wisdom Tooth' to which I gave him a complete Blank look. He smiled and told me that Some (unlucky people I guess?!) people in their 20s get one or two extra tooth which is called the Wisdom Tooth, to which I couldn't control myself and asked him, "Why?", He looked at me with his dont-be-so-stupid-look! But my question was actually Why will I need one or two extra tooth in my mid twenty's when I managed for so long!! I mean why the sudden need of a pair of extra teeth, what special or extra will I start eating all of a sudden that I will need these teeth!! In the meanwhile I guess the doctor somehow learnt what's going in my mind and said, Oh you see this is just like how early men had Tails, it started to grow smaller and smaller and finally vanished and so are these Wisdom Teeth, Early men started eating all rough and raw food when they attained their mid twenties so this is the reason for this Wisdom tooth. I so much wanted to ask him as to why tail disappeared earlier and not this stupid tooth but I stayed mum realizing doctor's growing impatience.
With a bag full of medicines and a mind full of questions I rode back home, wondering if our great great great grand kids would finally get freedom from these Painful Wisdom teeth.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why Indian Men stare!!

Today while reading some blogs I came across this very funny post!!

Every time I have an unwanted eye contact with a stranger at work or a mall or anywhere else, I realize that he was already staring and checking me out. While I am still trying hard to figure out when men love to stare, here are few of the top reasons that justify their cheesy gesture towards almost every woman they see.

1.    Men are born to stare. Most Indian men feel it’s their birth right to check out almost every possible woman they see around them – walking, standing or merely passing by.

2.    You have to have guts to digest this one. Some men feel women like to be stared at and that’s why the needful from their side. LOL.

3.    No wonder if some men say it’s a fun hobby for them to check out any and every girl. Ah, seems they really have nothing better to do in their life. LOSERS!

4.    For men, women are like commodities (read sex objects) that have to be scanned from top to bottom and from all possible angles. Even if they don’t dare to come near you, they ensure that they embarrass you to death just by their stares.

5.    The best is when road side Romeos stare at the most beautiful girl in the town… yeah, yeah, I understand, forbidden fruit is always more tempting.

6.    Apparently, men get a high by staring at women. Well, I guess it’s only to satiate their perpetually sex starved senses that they would give sleazy looks to women.

7.    For some men, checking out women is like a status symbol that they love to boast in front of friends. Whether the girl in question gives a damn about it or not, who cares.

8.    Giving affirmation to their manhood, some men feel it’s manly to check and stare at women. 

9.    At times, men would stare less at the woman but more at the guy she is hanging out with --- I assume these men only want to figure out why they do not have her as their arm-candy.

10.    Women are God’s most beautiful creation and some men do use this as an excuse to check women out. WOW!

11.    It seems men find it hard to come to terms with girly fashion and maybe that’s why they get this strong urge of continuously staring at women to understand what she’s wearing and WHY!

12.    Some sleazy men have the guts to say that they stare just to reciprocate to the woman’s gesture. Yeah, as if he is the only man alive on planet earth to be picked.

13.    Indian men have been programmed in such a way that they can’t help but stare at women. Upbringing, values, peer pressure or whatever.

14.    Men certainly don’t get enough of being with or around women at home (sister, mother or wife), which is why they can’t help but stare at every woman they come across.

15.    Let’s give some men a benefit of doubt, as they can genuinely be looking out for a prospective female partner so what better than staring can help.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


So the much awaited journey finally started.. It started like any other journey, and to my dismay, unlike any movie- no accidents happened, no hunks saved the plane from crashing, I didn't fall in love on the flight, no Snakes on the Plane, nothing abnormal.. Can you imagine Nothing?!
 Hmmm, I guess watching too many movies and reading alot of fiction does that to you! In the entire 12hrs flight I kept telling myself that something was about to happen, something exciting, something that would make this journey resemble one of those bollywood and hollywood movies!
The only thing kept 'happening' was frequent changes in flights, airports, and language of the people. People were all the same with slight different Packaging!
I kept looking down from my window of the plane (I insist on taking the window seat in flights), imagining how would the people living in these places would be, their lives, their food (guess I am hungry!), etc. It fascinates me to imagine myself floating in the air above some 40,000 feet of sea level, and when the flight screen would show that the temperature outside was -40 degree Celsius I would keep my hand on the window glass and close my eyes to imagine how it would feel!! I kept reading my novel, occasionally sleeping, skipping through the channels, unable to decide which movie to watch, then finally reading my novel. I like day flights, one can marvel the scenic beauty but night journey in plane are terrible, you can't sleep properly, you are too tired to read, you can't watch a movie 'cause you are too tired to keep your eyes open.
I was woken up after few nudges from my mumma, who would wake me up whenever the flight was about to land.
Good bye India, Guten Morgan Germany!! Although I am too tired to enjoy any thing write now. Need a good shower and a 'proper' breakfast.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kill me.

30th May,13-
Expectations hurt.. Dreams are broken.. And everything changes.. The more you get attached to something or somebody the more vulnerable you become to get hurt.. Why is it so that Every time you decide not to expect anything, you end up expecting.. Even if Its a little..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dont stop me now!

Butterfly on my shoulder, stars in my eyes, I am setting out for a place that is hard to find,
Don’t you try to stop me now, don’t you try to stop me now,
I have had it enough, lost my head, lost my sleep, lost my reasonings, So I kept the logics in a corner on my bed and locked my worries in a box for a while.
Dreams are now my compass and adventures will keep me company, I have left the worldy baggage behind, all this for a while but Don’t you stop me now, Don’t you stop me now,
I have fallen and bruised my knees, tumbled down many a times too but don’t you see I am all set to go on again now, I am not afraid, atleast for a while,
My bags are packed, and I am ready to take on my voyage, I am not afraid, I never was, So don’t let the logics hold on now, I will shake away the connections and cut myself off for a while, I need this, I need this now, So don’t you stop me now, Don’t you stop me Now.. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Break free..

What have made of this life, this world and everything in it, we have shut ourselves in and now refuse to come out, sometimes because we are afraid and other times because we are now so use to be 'shut in'. God gave us a simple life, with a simple goal, and what have we made of it. People (including me, I am no other, I am No saint) are so full of themselves, My Life, My Job, My friends, My house, My My.. My...

We are now living in a Plastic Era, Plastic Money to buy us happiness, Heartless Machines to keep us occupied, and fake people to be with. I am not suggesting that we shun everything and go back to Caves and start hunting our food but what I expect is a little, a small amount of genuineness, it breaks my heart to see our hearts poisoned by hatred, remember the Old friend whom you hate now, perhaps an Old love that got bitter and now even that person's name makes your temper shoot a little, or an old school mate whom you hate because he/she said something some 4-5 years back, Give it a break, think about it a moment, how wonderful it would be if we can Forgive everyone around us and lessen some burden of hatred from our weary heart.

p.s. I know I am going to literally 'Hate' Myself for writing this post up, somebody should ban me from writing when I am feeling low!!

when logics and reasons refuse to visit you!

 "O poor, unthinking human heart! Error will not go away, logic and reason are slow to penetrate. We cling with both arms to false hope, refusing to believe the weightiest proofs against it, embracing it with all our strength. In the end it escapes, ripping our veins and draining our heart's blood; until, regaining consciousness, we rush to fall into snares of delusion all over again.."

It says it all..

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fashion media?!

Alright so this is what occupied my mind today, while browsing so a social networking site, which a Believe should be renamed as Social Fashion site, I tell you some people literally ask you to click their pic because they want To Make it Their Profile Pic! So back to the point, while I was on my amateur best, playing the peeping tom and peeping into other people's life through the peep hole called FaceBook! 
I was amazed by the pain taken by some people in clicking the right pic, then editing it and posting it and then replying to each person who Liked the pic with a 'thank u sweety', 'thanks for liking',etc etc!! And after all this imagine the kind of disgust a person would feel if he or she gets Less number of Likes! A punch on the face, a blow to the ego!!
 Are we all living in the age of self-obsession, where we like playing different roles like-
 *A Sympathy gainer (How often me See broken heart status, I am sure that person would have Googled it up But never mind!), 
*A Fashion diva (usually teens or college people, it won't be hard to find one you just need to look at the display Picture and it would be something straight out of a fashion magazine and in the Comment box you will extravagant usage of slangs that are considered as Ultra Cool), 
*The next group is of Tell-it-All-people or confession-aholic  this race is also on a roll these days, they like to tell it All and tell everything! Literally everything, imagine the horror of reading a status update that read something like this, 'eating ice-cream with my lil Sis, OMG! I love choco chips so much'. Now i literally had to force myself from Not commenting on that one, wanted to ask her so much if it was The First time she ate a Choco Chip! Well of-course I didn't remember we all have a lovely pet called Ego and don't want it to be hurt? Didn't wanted to hurt this girls pet!! Let her enjoy the feast!
*The next group is a comparatively serious bunch, they don't keep updating you with small silly news But what they can't stop from doing is PDA, Public Display of Affection! This group is always romantic, Sometimes to the extent of being irritating, now who on the earth wants to See your Picture where cuddling, kissing, or sometimes on the verge of making out! Ok so we know you both are head over heels in love, we know that Its Good to show your love But please spare us with the small details and the pics, we are Just Not interested in pics where Its difficult to understand if Its you two or just one distorted face! This tribe likes to Paint the town Red, and paint it pretty boldly, but what makes it look stupid is how these people go on with their "Love you much Cutie" on social networking sites. and just after few days you see them updating their status as "So and So is Single" and Alas! One more chain of comments start pouring in and they move from this group to the Sympathy gainer group!!
 After spending some hilarious one or two hours I tried to get back to my normal life and started thinking if I belong to any of those? Ummm... Atleast I think No!! ;)

Monday, April 15, 2013

:-/ Feeling blue.. Feeling blue..

“Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don’t fool.” -Robert Brault

Ditto -Me

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Being a Daughter..

When I was young I was told that A Daughter is one of the most beautiful creation of Almighty.. But like many other tell tales of childhood this one also started to lose Its charm. Reasons, logics, and practice started to outweigh the belief. With each passing year This Daughter started to lose Its faith in the tell tale and began to question, wonder and most important began to See what was happening around her, with other Daughters.
It's actually a feeling I believe only a girl can feel, I might be wrong but this is what I think. It's altogether a painful feeling when you know the truth but can't do anything. 
Now picture this, right from the day you are born you are told that you are special, you are no less than others but as in due course of time you realize the Cost attached to this 'Special' person. You realize what a hefty price your parents pay, all the time..
A boy is extrovert- He is friendly. A girl is extrovert- she is dumb-head, or perhaps ill-cultured (Good girls speak less..!)
A boy marries late- He is ambitious. A girl marries late- She must be hiding an affair.
A boy is a good cook- Amazing, he has special talent. A girl is a good cook- What's the big deal, it's her Work.
A boy shows extra affection- He is adorable. A girl shows extra affection- She is Glue, A drama queen!
Well the list is pretty long, so lets cut it off here!
Of late there's something that has been bothering me and that is the commercial side of marriages, what a hefty price parents have to pay for giving birth to a girl, no wonder in olden times in India girls were killed right after their birth, better let her die once than a bit every day.

Monday, April 1, 2013


How weird this thing called heart is.. or perhaps Brain is (scientist broke all the lovers heart when they told emotions are something related to brain, not heart!) Well back to the point, how weird this heart (or brain!) is, you think you have walked past something and it has ended but.. .. Like one bolt of thunder something comes striking down and you find your self once again from where you have started!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

to be or not to be is the question..

Its actually funny How you get carried away and start pouring your heart out infront of somebody, Telling them your deep desires, your secrets, and then suddenly realize you have kinda scared that person! At that point of time you are forced to ponder on the tell tale that says,'be original', because your arent very sure if people around you are Ready to handle the so called Original you or the Real you. You start negotiating if being original is important or the person (who is not very comfortable with your original self!) is important. You start suppressing your thoughts, your views because you are afraid you might scare off the person (whom you love dearly) . Sometimes I find myself debating with myself if Its important to be what you are or is it more important to change yourself a bit in order to make others happy. If Its Ok to be yourself then you might find yourself left alone, if you think Its Ok to alter yourself little bit then you get the feeling that are you doing justice to yourself.
All of us have at some point of time tried to make somebody happy by doing something that perhaps we wouldn't have done normally. Is it injustice to oneself? Is it neglecting yourself in order to keep somebody else happy? Or it is Ok to change yourself to make others happy, as we know even the finest of the  dresses need alteration before they can actually be worn.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lazy is a small word..

It is that part of the month (Read: Bank holiday season!) when I am sometimes too lazy to even get out of the bed, I like to keep everything within my hand's reach, my lappie, my novels, chips, headfones, and pillow, just in case I get tired of wasting time!!! I love the that feeling, the feeling when I know I can decide how do I want to spend my time and not being hurried into something because of less time. It's not that I don't like a routine, it's just sometimes I like to loosen up myself. I hate my life to be disturbed my routines on such occasions!
I am reminded of a poem that is close to my heart, and I guess describes my nature very well!!

The Vagabond

Give to me the life I love,
Let the lake go by me,
Give the jolly heaven above
And the byway nigh me.
Bed in the bush with stars to see,
Bread I dip in the river -
There's the life for a man like me,
There's the life for ever.

Let the blow fall soon or late,
Let what will be o'er me;
Give the face of earth around
And the road before me.
Wealth I seek not, hope nor love,
Nor a friend to know me;
All I seek, the heaven above
And the road below me.

Or let autumn fall on me
Where afield I linger,
Silencing the bird on tree,
Biting the blue finger.
White as meal the frosty field -
Warm the fireside haven -
Not to autumn will I yield,
Not to winter even!

Let the blow fall soon or late,
Let what will be o'er me;
Give the face of earth around,
And the road before me.
Wealth I ask not, hope nor love,
Nor a friend to know me;
All I ask, the heaven above
And the road below me.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Call me an escapist, call me a dreamer, call me anything you may wish to, but yes I love to escape into My World- The Dream world, the world were realities are just as true as a tale told by some old woman by the fire side on a winter night. Hurt me all day, trouble me with all your realities but there is something that you can't take away, call it an escapist's tool, a dreamers work but yes its my remedy to my troubles.. Never mind even if its momentary.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Switch Off the Hibernation Button!!

I am back from my Hibernation!! Of late I realized that this urge to write didn't die even in Hibernation!! Sometimes I would get highly motivated in absolutely stupid places, doing most stupid things! (While driving back from office, stuck in a maddening traffic jam, doing routine office work, eating at joint!!!) I realized that writing is equally addictive, they say 'You may take away the pen from a writer but you can't take away his thoughts'.
I have imbibed a new and a Good habit, to jot down as and when thoughts start pouring in. The Only problem is I can't write when I Want to write, and sometimes I am literally flooded with thought (usually when I Can't jot them down!!!)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The lazy afternoon...

It has been (like always!) a tiring week, God it's so hard to stay up and fight ALL the time, I wonder what would have happened if there were No weekends, I am not sure about others but I would have gone nuts for sure!! I am one of those persons who need something constantly to look forward to, be it a trip, a party, or just a weekend!! I spend the six days planning for the weekend and when it Finally arrives I become extra lazy, just like a lazy buffalo in the sun in winters!! But then I think to myself what a waste it is if I can't spare a lazy afternoon for myself.. So I am gonna spend the day basking in the sun, shifting from one side to another occasionally and watch everyone else working!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Do you need a Reason for Celebration??

As the whole world swings and sings Happy New Year song, I am literally forcing my eyes to remain open for some more time! Had normal dinner, watched New Year shows on tv, decided to finally do Something different so made coffee for everyone! Well one might really think I am boring to the core(sometimes even I think the same!) but I think when it comes to celebrations, do we really need a Reason? umm.. I don't.. I never Let reasons come in my way ;-)   because if I really needed a reason to celebrate then the reason for last month's party would be. . Umm.. My friend's breakup? Or perhaps My cat fight with an old friend's so called friend!!
Nevermind, Happy New Year.. If that gives you a Reason to celebrate!!


I am Not me anymore.. I am what I thought I was Not Am I a reflection of what He wanted to see.. Am I what She thought I would be.. Am I...